Sea  Child

A short film written/directed by Marina Shron

A girl is drawn to the lake where her father disappeared before she was born. She is both scared and fascinated by the water. It’s heavy like lead and cold to the touch, and it wraps around her body like new skin…

The film premiered at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, July, 2016. Screened at Aesthetica International Film Festival and 12 other festivals. Distributed by TV Shorts International, Fandor, Amazon Prime.

Buddha’s Little Finger

A feature film co-written by Marina Shron, directed by Tony Pemberton, starring Toby Kebbell. Based on Victor Pelevin 1996 novel “Chapayev and Void.”

During an interrogation in 1991, a Russian gangster begins to think he is a poet in 1919, fighting in the Russian Revolution alongside Bolshevik commander Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev and his formidable machine-gunner sidekick, Anna.

Lullaby for Ray

Written and directed by Marina Shron.

A cinematic poem about one day in the lives of two New York vagrants. Christina and Ray, an unlikely but devoted couple, journey through the changing emotional landscape of the city where each location marks the next stage in their quickly unraveling relationship.

Premiered at Toronto Indie Film Festival in September, 2011, won Best Short Film Award. Screened at Atlantic Film Film Festival and 15 other festivals. Distributed by TV Shorts International, Play Festival Films.

The Silent Love of the Fish

A short film written by Marina Shron, directed by Vivian Sorenson.

A sirreal take of fish eaten and innocence lost…

Premiered at Hamptons International Film Festival, won Honorable Mention Award. Screened at Chicago International Film Festival and 16 other festivals.