I am a faculty at The New School University Film and Media Studies Program where I teach a variety of courses in screenwriting, script analysis, and film history. I’m also teaching screenwriting at Montclair State University and a workshop on Poetry in Cinema at awesome Film Makers Cooperative.  I ’ve guest-lectured and taught at other cool places like New York University,  SCAD,  International Film School in Cologne (one of the best film schools in Germany), University of Rhode Island, and Ohio State University.   I have also had the pleasure of teaching playwriting workshops at Summer Literary Seminars, in St.Petersburg, Russia (my native city!) and at State Theatre Arts Academy, also in St.Petersburg (as a Fulbright Scholar).

Master Class in Screenwriting

Limited to 10 writers.

This intensive hybrid (in-person + online) class will guide you from an outline/ treatment/unfinished draft of your screenplay to a submission-ready script in eight weeks.

You will map out your story and find the structure that fits it organically.

You will generate pages of new material from writing assignments and exercises.

You will learn how to give depth to your characters, create a suspenseful and layered plot, and how to find a strong, original theme within your first draft and let it guide you through the revision process.

You will learn some rewriting techniques and methods of incorporating feedback into your work creatively to maximize your story’s potential and make you script great!

HOW: Eight bi-weekly on-site or Skype 2 hr workshop sessions.

On-site meetings will take place on a TBA day of each week. You can choose to participate by Skype.


PRICE: $600 for the entire workshop.

Email me for details!

Private Coaching

$ 150 for a 1 hour session

$ 500 for the package of 4 sessions

Script Consultation 

For the past ten years, I’ve had the absolute delight of teaching students of various ages and backgrounds.  Many of them write to me years after taking a class with me, asking me to read and critique their new work. I know how crucial it for all of us to get timely and supportive feedback to a new script.  If you’re in need of some in-depth one-on-one help with your screenplay, I’ll be happy to help you!

Send me your script, and here’s what I can promise: 

  • I will read your script, provide detailed written 2 pages feedback and one half hour phone call / Skype Chat to address additional questions you might have based on my feedback
  • Cost – $300.00
  • Revised draft reading/follow-up feedback – $150.00

If you need urgent response, I will charge $50 extra.

I will also be happy to make some special arrangements if you’re in need of more than one or two reads.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Nice words from former students:
“ This course has taught me so much about screenwriting and how to develop my own skills. Marina’s insights and explanations were sophisticated and clearly articulated…”
“Marina is smart, insightful, and incredibly knowledgeable.”
“This has honestly been my favorite class at MSU by far. Even online, this class managed to be captivating. The writing prompts were exciting and thought-provoking. “
“The online…  screenwriting class was my favorite class I’ve ever taken”.
” Other than she is fantastic, nothing more to say!”

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